Christmas Shadow Box

Happy Tuesday, friends! Can you believe that Christmas is only 10 DAYS AWAY??! Eek! I still feel like there is so much left to do! Hubby and I only got our tree on Saturday. I think part of the reason I feel so frazzled is that from Thursday night to Sunday in the early AM, for a grand total of 52 hours, my neighborhood was without power! We had a big windstorm late Thursday night that damaged and took down a lot of wires and trees so we were left in the dark for close to 3 whole days. Ugh. It’s hard to run a blog when you don’t have any internet! So now I’m scrambling to catch up and make everything lovely for Christmas in 10 days time. Phew! Wish me luck!

Today I’m bringing a really quick and easy craft to make some last minute holiday decor – a Christmas Shadow Box! This is seriously one of the easiest crafts I’ve done and it only took me 5 minutes! Though quick, I think it makes for some really pretty Christmas decor 🙂

Christmas shadow box

Christmas Shadow Box Materials

Christmas Shadow Box

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Any size shadow box (I got mine from Michaels on sale!)

Faux snow (I had this left over from my clear ornament challenge!)

Gold leaf pen (or you can use stickers or stencils – I just chose to hand write!)

Step 1

Christmas shadow boxChoose a cheery holiday phrase or song lyric and put it on the glass front of your shadowbox! I chose the lyric ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’ – it’s absolutely one of my fave Christmas songs! Love me that Bing Crosby crooning 🙂 I chose to hand write my phrase on using my gold leaf pen and went over the letters twice after the first run-through had dried. If you mess up, don’t worry! Quickly wipe away with a little water or rubbing alcohol and start anew 🙂 If you don’t feel confident in your hand lettering skills, feel free to use stickers, stencils, or use adhesive vinyl cut from your Silhouette or Cricut! (I’m getting a Silhouette for Christmas this year, but it’s sitting wrapped under my tree until the 25th! Argh! 😉 )

Step 2

Christmas shadow box

Carefully turn over your Christmas shadow box and open the back. Pour a bunch of faux snow in there and then seal her back up! Simple as that 🙂 It would also be totally fun to add little things like jingle bells or tinsel or whatever Christmasy things you can think of!

Flip it back over and here you go!

Christmas shadow boxI tried experimenting with a few different ways to place it. I knew I wanted it in our bedroom for a little bit of Christmas charm while we are hanging out or reading in bed! First I tried hanging it on the wall like so:

Christmas shadow boxI liked it, but it wasn’t quite perfect. So I tried putting it atop our little bedroom mantel above our gas fireplace and brought in a glittery bit of greenery that I picked up at Trader Joe’s. Bingo!

Christmas shadow boxI love how it fits in with the other bits of gold from my star and the pot of my glitter plant. Perfect way to spruce up the bedroom for Christmas! It’s hard to capture the beautiful metallic sheen of the gold leaf pen with a camera, but here is a bit better representation of how delicious the lettering really looks:

Christmas shadow boxNow there’s that sparkle and shine 🙂 I love how this takes only minutes yet really makes a classy impact!

Christmas shadow box

What’s your favorite Christmas song/song lyric?





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