Christmas Home Tour

Hello friends and happy Friday! Woot woot for the weekend coming our way and then only a few more days till Christmas! Eek! To celebrate this magnificent holiday, I’ve joined up with Emily from Table + Hearth and 17 other bloggers for the Home for the Holidays Blog Hop where we’ll all be showing off our Christmas Home Tours! Take a look at my Christmas Home Tour below and then click the links at the bottom of this post to check out everyone else’s!

I’m going to tell you right now that my home in no way, shape or form, looks like it came out of a catalog. In fact, all of my Christmas decor is very hodge podge because it’s a compilation of things from my childhood, my husband’s childhood, with a few new, handmade and/or hand-me-down pieces thrown in. It may not look like a magazine, but our Christmas decor really makes me nostalgic and brings me back to a time when Christmas was pure magic. Welcome to my humble abode and enjoy 🙂

Christmas home tour

popsicle stick snowflakes popsicle stick snowflakesWhen you first walk up to our home, Sooter Cottage, you are greeted by a smattering of popsicle stick snowflakes and my fall wreath turned Christmas wreath with a ribbon update! You’ll have to knock though, because our doorbell is broken 😉

snowflake garland snowflake garland

Upon entering you’ll find my little entry way table all decked out for the holidays featuring a ‘Believe’ sign that came from my dad and my little snowflake garland! Walk a little further and you’ll be greeted by my favorite and undoubtedly most Christmasy room in the house 🙂

Christmas home tour

Christmas home tour

Christmas home tour

One of my pride and joys in this room is my recently completed JOY Marquee Sign and my Christmas mantel! I added some paper snowflakes that I had saved since college and taped them up around the mantel for a little extra whimsy 🙂

Christmas home tourWe got our tree just this past Saturday and I’m SO glad we finally have it up! Nothing like a good tree to bring Christmas cheer 🙂 Though this year we went for a Norway Spruce, and let me tell you, it is the POKIEST tree I’ve ever had. Putting on the ornaments actually kind of hurt! But I’m very pleased with the end results 🙂

Christmas home tourAlmost all of our ornaments were mine or my husband’s when we were children. Here are a few notables:

1. A nativity I made sometime in elementary school – It’s in a prominent place to remind us the true reason for the season!

2. This is the ornament from Nate’s and my first Christmas as a married couple 🙂 Awww!

3. I have a lot of cross-stitched ornaments that my mom made for me growing up. this one was from when I was 4 years old!

4. I. Love. Owls. There are a lot of various owl ornaments on our tree and I seem to get a new one each year!

5. This is the set of keys from our first house 🙂 We changed the locks when we moved so I was able to use the old ones for an ornament!

6. Hubby has to be represented with basketball and University of Washington ornaments, of course 🙂

7. I collect nutcrackers and this little guy holds a special place in my heart!

Christmas home tourChristmas home tourI set up my DIY Advent Calendar to count down the days to Christmas! It’s been a lot of fun putting up the ornaments each day, though my cats seem to think this is a playtoy 🙁


I’ve got nutcrackers sprinkled all throughout the house, so it looks like I’m less crazy. If you put them all in a row I’ve got a TON of them. Just call me crazy nutcracker lady. On second thought, don’t. I just can’t help it – I fell in love with the Nutcracker Ballet as a young girl and ever since then I’ve collected them in hopes that one night one will come to life and whisk me away to a dreamland 🙂

Christmas home tour

Here is my one more modern little section of my Christmas decor. I dressed up my chalkboard table with a Santa that belonged to my grandmother and a little glittery greenery that I picked up from Trader Joe’s! This is the one area that possibly looks like it could have come out of a magazine. Hah. Now moving on to the kitchen!

Christmas home tourMore snowflakes to greet you! Too bad my cat has now ripped down two of them down in a feat of olympic acrobatics. I’m a dummy for thinking that hangy papery things that blow in the slightest breeze would be ignored by hyper cats. Ooops.

Christmas home tour

I’ve dressed up my kitchen island using some old and new things! The bicycle plate was only 2.99 (!!) at Target. The glass nativity is from my childhood; at our holiday party last year, one of my friends (still don’t know which one!) took the baby Jesus and mailed him back to me on Christmas. (Still one of the greatest mysteries of all time!) The chef Santa belonged to my grandma and the cookie box was hand-painted by my mother-in-law – isn’t she ridiculously talented??? My husband works for the company that makes the little figurines called Pops, so I thought placing out our Frozen ones would be seasonally appropriate as well 🙂

Christmas home tourMore memories from childhood! I remember eagerly putting up these window stickers each and every Christmas and I still do it today! These things are from the 90s and have held up miraculously!

Christmas home tour

I got this fun gold glitter garland from and thought it would be fun to put behind our kitchen table as a glitzy backdrop! Definitely leaving this up for New Year’s too 🙂

Christmas home tour Christmas home tourOMG MORE NUTCRACKERS! I’m serious people. I’m a hoarder. The ones on the mantel are some of my oldest – The one with the black top hat and red jacket was the very first nutcracker I received!

Christmas home tourAnd of course, I couldn’t leave our bedroom out of the holiday fun, so I added (yet more) nutcrackers and my super easy Christmas shadow box to the mix!

Christmas shadow box

Christmas home tour

Christmas home tour

Thank you SO much for joining me on a little Christmas home tour and indulging in my sense of nostalgia 😉 Now head on over to all my friend’s homes for a cup of cocoa and tours of all their fun Christmas decor. I promise you won’t be sorry!


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