DIY Wood Hanger Necklace Holder

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wood hanger necklace holder

Happy Thursday, ya’ll! It’s been a busy week at Sooter Cottage. Had our church small group over to our house for dinner so I whipped up a batch of these delicious Thai chicken enchiladas from How Sweet It Is. And let me tell you, they are to DIE for. My hubby says that this is the best dish in my repertoire, so it was nice to break it out and share it with our friends. It was a big hit! You should try making them. You won’t be disappointed. Promise! Also took my poor sweet kitty to the vet today – it looks like he has an immune disease that affects his teeth and gums so now I’m going to have to give him two different medicines everyday to hopefully help clear up his symptoms. My poor sweetie! Otherwise he is doing well and currently napping while I blog :) Also getting a haircut tomorrow, which I’m super excited about – pictures coming soon! Time to switch it up for summer!

Anyway, now on to the real point of this blog post – to give you a super easy tutorial for making your very own wood hanger necklace holder! I had a ton of necklaces that were just sitting in the bottom of my jewelry box – forgotten and hardly worn. Oops. If I don’t have something easily available to me, I often forget I even have it, so I knew I wanted a better way to display all my cool necklaces, which in turn will hopefully inspire me to remember to wear them more! Enter my wood hanger necklace holder to solve all my problems :) I actually meant to post this tutorial last week but then my drill battery died and it took me a while to track down a new one! Lame. But let’s get to the tutorial!


wood hanger necklace holder

– Wooden Hanger (I got a 5 pack at Target for a couple bucks)

– 3/4″ gold cup hooks

– Drill with a 3/32 size drill bit

– China marker or sharpie

– Optional: Gold spray paint


Step 1

wood hanger necklace holder

This step is optional. My wood hanger originally had a silver hook at the top, and I wanted it to be gold to match my cup hooks. So a quick spritz of gold spray paint did the trick to make it matchy-matchy! If you are using silver cup hooks or don’t mind having two different metals then skip it and move on to step 2!


Step 2

wood hanger necklace holder

Mark out where you want your cup hooks to go, using your china marker or sharpie. If you want to get really accurate, use a ruler to measure between your drill marks. I just eyeballed it and put 5 marks on each side of the hanger.


Step 3

wood hanger necklace holder

Take your drill and carefully drill into your marks on the hanger. Make sure you keep your drill at a 45 degree angle so that the holes come straight out of the hanger, instead of drilling in where the hanger has 90 degrees on either side, if that makes sense. Otherwise your cup hooks will look funny! Here’s a close up of the best drill angle:

wood hanger necklace holder

Step 4

wood hanger necklace holder

Add your cup hooks! If you have the right drill bit in, these should just screw in pretty easily. Tighten them by hand and turn them the direction you want them facing!

And here’s the finished product!

wood hanger necklace holder

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! It’s a fun but classy necklace holder that showcases all of my favorite pieces. Now let’s just hope I remember to wear them! Here’s a couple more glamour shots of my new necklace holder next to my jewelry box and earring tree. Yay!


wood hanger necklace holder wood hanger necklace holder wood hanger necklace holder


wood hanger necklace holder

So there you have it! A super quick and easy tutorial for making your wood hanger necklace holder (assuming your drill battery doesn’t die and put you on hold for a week.) I love how it spruces up my little jewelry corner in my bedroom. Slowly, but surely, I am making this house a home!


What’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you own (or one you wish you had!)?




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